The cPanel plug-in allows your customers to create, build, and manage their Weebly website from their cPanel.


The WHMCS plug-in allows you to create Weebly plans as billable products managed from your WHMCS instance. You can manage billing for all Weebly sites using this plug-in. You can also use this plug-in in conjunction with the cPanel plug-in.


The AppDirect integration allows you to offer Weebly plans to your customers as AppDirect products in your AppDirect marketplace. Customers manage their Weebly site through their AppDirect MyApps tab.


The APS2 plug-in allows you to integrate with your existing Odin Service Automation system. You set up Weebly plans to be provisioned to customers, and your customers can create and manage their Weebly sites from the Customer Control Panel.

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